. . . and the cheapest places to rent in the Bay Area are **drum roll**

by Livv
1 year ago

We promise this is not a catchy click-bait blog – we packed some helpful analysis in this bad boy to show you some real time rental market trends. Need to stay thrifty in one of the nation’s most expensive markets? Got you covered. Check out this quick comparison of cities to rent from, that won’t cut into your disposable income.

What we did: Took a snapshot of cities in the Bay Area, averaged all annual listings to find what you might expect to pay for rent, and ranked them for you in a nifty chart.

Why we did it: We wanted you to saunter into your apartment hunting with purpose; armed to the teeth with some knowledge. We love smart renters. That’s why we started LIVV.
The How: Hover below over the values below to see average rents in each.

And now this: Hey, don’t just go skipping off into the sunset now to find your rental home. There’s one more angle we want to show you – your actual chances of finding a rental in these economical spots. How many listings a city has (or doesn’t have) greatly affects your chances of easily finding a rental home.

What do we mean? We mean that you need to also consider average listings per month. All this means is to take total annual listings in a given city and break that down into a monthly amount. The higher this number, the better your chances of finding a home to rent in that city. No worries, we’ve taken care of that for you as well. See below, and revel in our mastery of info graphics. **snicker**

Here’s How We Can Help:
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About the Author: Jim Logan, research & marketing consultant at LIVV.

Source & Methodology: Taken from all online listings in the Bay Area, starting in January 2019 and going 12 months back. Cities with an average of less than 5 listings per month were filtered out.

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