Best (and worst) Times to Apartment Hunt in San Francisco

by Livv
3 months ago

Part of building LIVV’s rental search app is sifting through huge clumps and pools of data. You know those two Ocean Spray goobers standing knee-deep in floating cranberries? That’s totally us, but with a sea of zeroes and ones. As we were splashing and frolicking around recently, we noticed some fascinating trends about rental listing inventory that may help you land a deal, and avoid wasting time searching for what’s simply not there.

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Without further ado, here are the best (and worst) times to apartment hunt in San Francisco!

Your best chances of snatching up a sweet apartment in the hyper competitive San Francisco rental market, is during the ‘bookend’ months of January and December. According to our inventory data, nearly 1/3 of all listings occur during these two months.

If searching in the dead of winter isn’t your jam, no worries – you can wait for another spike when school gets out in June. But don’t wait too long, because while the sun may be shining hot in July, August and September, they are the absolute coldest times in terms of available inventory.

“apartment search app”, “rental search app”, “apartment locator”

Additional reading – Thrillist did a snarky and informative piece specific to SF apartment hunting we liked quite a bit. And vlogger Nate Kadlac put together a great video on what to expect for folks new to the SF lifestyle, where he explains how to ‘live small’ and maximize your space.

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