Got Cash to Burn? ~ The Bay Area’s Most Expensive Rental Hot Spots

by Livv
8 months ago

A quick look at how much you can expect to pay, plus your overall chances of landing a lease in these cities.

What we did: We thought we’d put our AI powered digital search technology to work, and show you some real time data on rental listings in the Bay Area, and what you can expect to pay in some of its most expensive cities. We did a similar piece on just San Francisco and its neighborhoods a while ago, but thought it would be fun to look at the Bay Area as a whole.

Why we did it: We want to help you apartment hunt with a little research in your back pocket. It helps to know a general feel for what you can expect to pay, plus how good your chances might be when looking to lease in certain cities.

What we found: Check out the handy graphic below, and hover to see actual values we uncovered in our 12-month comparison.

The rest of the story: Although this can give you an idea of what you might pay, it doesn’t help explain your chances of actually landing a home. We got you covered on that angle too. We looked at total annual listings and figured out roughly how many listings are floating around each month, as a result. The higher the “average listings per month”, the better your chances of finding a new spot among all that inventory.

Well, allow us to help with that: Below in another handy-dandy graphic showing the cities with the highest average listings per month. Hover to see values better.

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About the Author: Jim Logan, research & marketing consultant at LIVV.

Source & Methodology: Taken from all online listings in the Bay Area, starting in January 2019 and going 12 months back. Listings over $10k were filtered out, and also cities with an average of less than 5 listings per month.


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