Horrid Interior Designs You Just Can’t Unsee, Part 2

by Livv
10 months ago

And just like that, we’re back, with our tasteful list of coveted design ideas that really spice up the search for a great rental property. In case you missed it, you should check out the notorious part 1 of this list that started it all.

We humble folks over at LIVV.co like to boast that our AI powered rental search app can steer you clear of these rental listing nightmares. Keeping with the idea of knowing your enemy, we present to you round two of horrid designs you just can’t unsee.

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“He seemed aloof at first, but this mysterious stranger won you over with his gentle gestures, his love of baroque classical, and witty banter. He insists that you MUST see his newly designed foyer. You protest at first, but before long you stand with him on the threshold, he gives you a soft peck on the cheek, and you both walk inside. Then you realize that this is the last night you will spend on this earth.”

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Imagine visiting a friend’s house for the first time and skipping down the hall to go hang in out her room and binge watch One Tree Hill. . . then you turn your head as you walk past one of the rooms and see this business. Your brain-to-eyeball sensors overload without warning and you pitch face first into a sheet rock wall. Too dramatic? Okie dokes, well take a gander at that mini tube television with the integrated VHS tape slot. Yeah, we thought so.

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This is genius. Got a room with a whole lot of ‘nope’ going on? No worries, just toss in a 1984 Sears mannequin, $77 dollars of cotton candy, and tie it all together with a fake glass of wine. It’s like we just got treated to a still life of “suburban soccer mom after the kids have been put to bed.”

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We actually weren’t going to say anything about the obvious here. Then, when we crawled under those bed linens that smelled like the seats of an old carnival ride and fell fast asleep, we were awoken by the tortured screams of the arrogant man in the haunted portrait and jumped up so quickly that we struck our heads on those strategically placed lamps. So now we’re saying it.

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Remember Pepe Le Pew, that incredibly grabby and inappropriate skunk from Looney Tunes? This is his jam right here.

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Whoever did this was in one of those “wanna take a bath, while leering at the dinner guests, and not missing out on all the water cooler talk” kind of moods.

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We were planning to say something along the lines of this looking like Andy Warhol and Prince being summoned from a séance, but after four lychee martinis and a quart and a half of that bar snack mix, we’re actually kind of into it.

Now the good stuff

Well, it seems we’ve come to the end of our part 2 list of horrible design ideas for your rental space. If you’re keen to avoid these missteps, some ideas and lists for the better are below. Our AI powered bot at LIVV is no stranger to searching for spaces with smart design. Just tell us about your dream home, and we’ll get to work combing through thousands of listings and sending you the best ones, so you won’t have to.

We stay on top of everything in apartment and home rental search, including pet tips, patio design, design trends, and even how much rent you can afford.

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