Patio Design Ideas for Small Spaces

by Livv
8 months ago

Ah, summer in the city. Excuses to grill, invite friends over, spend time outside with the fam, and engage in important backyard banter, like “who would win in a fight – knockwurst or bratwurst”, enduring a high-browed IPA lecture as you sip your favorite lager, or talking about that time that Karl said “hold my beer and watch this”.

Here are some great essentials, tips and resources for making your backyard space as serene and comfortable as the inside.

Quick DIY Additions

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Tastefully reclaimed metal chairs lend this super-small space character and charm. We love how quickly you can transform bare walls with an urban planter, planter grid and shelves of metal or wood. Ah, and of course, the go-to for quick boost in mood and ambiance, the suspended lights with antique filament style bulbs, of course.

Roll Out the Big Screen

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Outdoor projector screens pretty much guarantee memorable movie and sports viewing parties. This bay area local company specializes in these types of AV setups.

Decking is Beckoning

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Decks are a great choice when addressing terrace and multilevel environments, as is common in the city by the Bay. Planking provides a smart alternative for fencing and privacy walls, and smart landscape design can help fill in the many areas in between.

We Could Get Used to This…

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So much good chill going on here, where do we start? Well, a smart, modern fire pit for starters, and modular furniture is an ever-present staple in patio life. What’s that we spy in the background, a wood-paneled, barrel style hot tub? Yes please.

Do You Have the Stones?

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Smart paver stones, offset with attractive inlays of hardscape and green. Greenscape & Hardscape with a dramatic difference in color make use of small spaces and cut down on maintenance.

Sail Away With Me

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Sail shades stand squarely entrenched in practicality, in terms of what you can achieve rather quickly, and the combinations are only limited by your imagination. A little nifty hardware mounting and you are on your way.

In the Weeds

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Tall vegetation like bamboo, shown above, and Spartan Juniper can create privacy, and help create color and texture on bare walls.

Living Walls

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We are big fans of Habitat Horticulture, who design large projects and amazing mobile partitions similar to the ones above. Wanna’ go smaller in scale, then check this out.

Pop of Color

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Colorful accents like these patio chairs and rug help create a signature all your own, which lend themselves to being easily interchanged throughout the seasons.

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