Rental Listing Buzz Words, and What They REALLY Mean

by Livv
4 months ago

Navigating the apartment search experience alone can be a bit like sticking your head into a running dryer filled with thumb tacks. That’s the whole reason LIVV came along. Our AI powered apartment search assistant isn’t scared of a little hard work, or even a couple thumb tacks, for that matter. We’re pretty good at analyzing listings too because we’ve seen it all my friend. To help you avoid common rental pitfalls, we’ve assembled a list of popular real estate “dress up” words, and giving you an inside scoop on their true meaning.

Lamudi, by way of Kenya Buzz, lays out some interesting examples:


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If an apartment listing describes the house as ‘quaint,’ chances are it’s teeny tiny. If the square footage of the property isn’t explicitly specified in the ad and the listing agent writes ‘quaint’ – grab those anti-anxiety pills cuz claustrophobia is the name of the game here.


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Privacy is an important for sure, but so are local amenities. Before you get too excited at the prospect of your own space tucked away from the hustle and bustle of main-street, check how far the apartment is from the nearest markets, schools, and transit connections. Your private getaway, may require a private banker to finance your upcoming Uber habit.

“Has Great Potential”

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Translated, this means that with enough time, money, and elbow grease – this rare find can one day be your dream home. Nothing against a little sweat equity of course, but make sure you’re not shattering your piggy bank to land your never ending renovation project.


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Often used alongside quaint, charming is often used to paint a more flattering picture for an old or miniature property. If you take the bait, be sure to look careful at the pictures and arrange a viewing to see for yourself. These can be real finds, but more likely than not, they’ll remind you of grandma’s lil’ house on the prairie.

“Open Plan”

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Although properties described this way can be quite luxurious and great for entertaining, some agents use the same language to describe cramped studio apartments that lack proper wall partitions. Be prepared for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even the bathroom sometimes, to all be squashed into one room. If you’re into that kind of thing, be our guest. We’ll opt to see it to believe it.

“Period Details”

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Sure, Victorian era crown molding and original hardwood floors are stylish. But oftentimes, properties described as being in their “original condition” or possessing of “period details” mean that you’re looking at a property in desperate need of repair. Definitely worth looking into these properties, you might score a real beauty or it might be a complete lemon.

“State of the Art”

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This buzzword is regularly exaggerating the grandeur of facilities. More often than not, a state-of-the-art bathroom, for example, is just a functioning toilet and shower room. If a property is modern, with the newest appliances and contemporary decor, this should be made clear in a detailed listing.

A Word from the Pros

We’re self-admitted junkies of Property Brothers on HGTV, and here is a 60 second clip of their worst real estate buzz words, and what they mean, courtesy Business Insider:

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